Week 23 – Money Consciousness

This week Haanel discusses the importance o give more get more in relation to money.  Money weaves as itself into every aspect of our lives, but money in itself has no value unless it’s able to get us the things we desire, and the way this is achieved is through service, which is the more we give the more we get.

Creative thought is achieved by attention which leads to concentration, which in turn is connected to Spirit. The creative thoughts we  put out for manifestation don’t have to be perfect.  Perfection isn’t attained in six days, six weeks or six months.  It’s a lifelong work in progress.

I know that with the changes in my ‘subby’ over the past six months are just the beginning of the process.  My new reality is just beginning, and unless I put in the effort to maintain and progress from where I am now, requires work every day.   If I don’t grow and move forward I’ll move backwards.

Money consciousness is an attitude of the mind, which can lead to creating wealth, which enables me to work on my desire to secure my future for my old age and to travel.  At the age of 71 I don’t consider myself old, and have just started new ventures that will give me the security I’m looking for and leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

One of the important lessons I learnt with the MKMMA course is to share the love.  I’m only able to happy help someone who wants to be helped, create a legacy for their family.  Occasionally we find a vehicle that can change someone’s life in a very short time financially.  All one hears is “It’s a scam.”  “If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.”  Even when you show them the platform you are using, most of them are too scared to invest as little as $50.

All I say to them is, If you think it’s a scam, I make money!  If you think it’s too good to be true, I make money! If you decide to join me, we both make money!  If you don’t join me, I still make money!   In my opinion the biggest scam is the 40-40-40 plan.  You work 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire on 40% of your salary.

Week 22a – Master of our Emotions

As there was no lesson from Haanel this week, i have decided to write something on Scroll vi from Og. I will be master of my emotions.

This months scroll deals with the moods of or cycles of nature, and how we as humans are part of that cycle.

Og talks about the cycles in nature, the winter ends, the summer comes. The moon is full, the moon is dark, the summer ends, the cold increases. The tides rise and the tides recede, and as we are part of nature our moods rise and our moods fall.

Our moods are on a wheel that keeps turning, each day we awaken with a different mood, changing from joy to sorrow, happiness to disappointment, and just as the flower blooms with joy and when it fades it brings sadness, but the flower also bears the seed of tomorrows joy.

The trees and plants need nature to grow, but we carry our weather with us.  If we are sad, miserable and pessimistic our customers react in the same way, being sad, miserable and pessimistic and don’t buy anything.  On the other hand if we are joyful, laughing and enthusiastic our customers react in a similar manner and are happy to buy our goods.  If we are able to control our moods we can ensure that every day is a productive one.

If you call on a client or customer and he is having a bad day, we must make allowances for him as he hasn’t learnt how to control his moods.  We should never judge a person on just one meeting, and call again  when he may be in a better frame of mind.  As Og mentions, if his mood is bad he wouldn’t buy gold chariots for a penny, but if you call the following day and his mood has improved, he would swap his home for a tree.

Its only when we learn to control our moods can we be master of our emotions.  “Weak is he who allows his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.”

Week 22 – Planting the Seed

When we plant a spiritual seed in the subconscious mind, which tends to sprout and grow, but we are seldom satisfied with the outcome.

We are programmed from a very early age to always look at things from a negative perspective, so we tend to end up with fear, nervousness and anxiety instead of joy, happiness and health.

The body has two basic functions, which are the constructive and destructive activities.  The constructive function is the creation of cells, for which we need food and water. The destructive function is the removal of waste material.

Unfortunately we don’t always remove all the waste material, fear, nervousness, worry,  anxiety etc. which automatically intoxicates the whole body.

Our minds control all the functions of the body, so that when we have a good laugh our muscles tend to shake, which means tha mind controls the muscles.  When we are very sad and cry we have tears, which means the mind controls the glands.  When we are angry and go red in the face or are embarrassed and blush, means that the mind controls the blood circulation.  These functions are controlled by the Objective or Conscious Mind and are only tempory.

The subconscious mind is far more powerful in that it does things that we aren’t even aware of.  One of its most powerful functions is that of healing. It sends cells to heal a wound and is able to mend broken bones.  I think the Subconscious Mind is one of the greatest assets a person can have, because of what it is able to do, being connected to Infinite Intelligence.

Our challenge is to increase the vital energy needed to heal disease throughout our bodies.  This can only be done by eliminating fear, nervousness, worry and anxiety, which in turn detoxifies the body. The taking of supplements and vitamins won’t help with this as it is “controlled” by the world “within”. 

Week 21- The Laws that Govern

There are Universal Laws that govern the natural world such as gravity and electricity.  There are Spiritual Laws that apply when we  pray.  Its only when we raise our consciousness that we become aware of these Universal and Spiritual Laws.

Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction, which is basically give more, get more, or to put it another way is cause and effect.

The biggest challenge is that what people see is the effect, what they don’t see is the cause, or the work that is put in, and try to duplicate it, which works for a short time and then fails, not knowing why.  The only way to grow or expand your consciousness is to become aware of your power within.  This power is thought which is connected to Universal Mind which has Infinite Intelligence.  The way to connect to Universal Mind is through Silence, or as it’s called in MKMMA, the Sit, or otherwise known as Meditation.

According to Haanel, most people don’t know how to pray.  For some reason they know there are laws that govern Maths, Science, Gravity and Electricity, but for some unknown reason they don’t believe that Spiritual Laws apply or exist.

If you’ve ever had a prayer answered, then under similar circumstances your prayers will always be answered.  The Laws of Spirit is are exact and scientific and will give you the same result every time, the same way the Universal Laws give the same result, under similar circumstances.

Week 20 – “Beliefs”

I believe is that we have been led to  believe by the Theologians that God is  an entity that is outside of us and that He must be prayed to for forgiveness, to when we are in poor health, to assist us in war, to take care our captured soldiers, as well as to save us. That the Spirit of God is outside of us.

I have always believed that we are connected to God, or the Universe as I prefer to call Him.  How do we pray to God or the Universe, if we are one with Him.  How can He save us if we are one with Him.

We are connected to Spirit through thought, and its our ability to think that separates us from the animal kingdom.  Through the subconscious mind we are connected to  Universal Mind which in turn is connected through thought.  With the Universal Mind, time and distance isn’t a factor.  You could be thinking of someone whom you haven’t had contact with for a while, and suddenly you receive a call from them or you meet the unexpectedly.  When it happens, one’s first remark is “I’ve just been thinking of you”.

If the subconscious mind has this power to connect, imagine the power we possess if we were to concentrate our thoughts to create the life we dream of.  Most of us don’t realise that we create the lives we live.  That we can’t blame anyone else for our situation.  The biggest problem is that we  don’t believe its possible, because of the programming we’ve had growing up.

We’ve been brought up with a scarcity mind-set.  We’ve been told from a very young age that we can’t afford this, and that the other item is too expensive.  We’ve also been brought up to believe that one has to work hard to earn a living, which barely covers the monthly expenses.  That if you want that outfit for a special occasion, you buy it on credit.  Unfortunately the stores are only to keen for you to open an account, in fact they pay you to open that account, and before long your credit limit is reached. Then when the monthly instalment arrive, in some cases, as much as,  80% of one’s income goes to pay the various accounts, instead of putting a little away every month to pay for the item.

One of the biggest downfalls of our modern society is “instant gratification”.  We have to have the latest fashion item or gadget, and suffer the consequences for a good number of years.  Some of the older generation were taught that if you can’t pay for the item in full, you wait till you can.  

Week 19 – The Power of Fear

In Week 19 Haanel writes about the power of fear and how it can affect ones life.

I have a friend who is consumed by fear.  All she thinks about is what’s wrong with herself.  About six years ago she was abusing over the counter meds and drinking alcohol at the same time, and was put into hospital for about three weeks.  Because of her drug abuse she had the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and was put on the medication to treat the disease.

Today she is staying in a Seniors facility and is addicted to the Parkinson’s medication.  One of her biggest concerns is that she gets her medication on time. If it’s not there she’ll go looking for it.  If on the other hand if they wake her if she’s sleeping, she complains as well.  All she ever talks about is herself, has alienated most of the residents, and phones me every morning to complain about some ailment.  She never greets a person on the call and goes straight into ‘I’m feeling light-headed or my hands are shaking today, is it because of my anxiety?’  She’ll hear someone on the radio mention that yoghurt is good for ones digestion, and now she has to have it urgently.  She’ll phone and ask me to bring it as soon as possible.  If I can’t bring it the next day, she’ll phone her daughter to bring it on her way home from work.

She has alienated her children, because she is very demanding.  Her daughter who lives locally may speak to her once a week and see her about every six weeks.  Her son didn’t have contact with her for about six months.  Her eldest daughter lives overseas and speaks to her about once a month.  When comes to town, she’ll only contact her mother three or four days after her arrival.  The one time I was present when she spoke to her daughter who lives locally.  She was rude and very demanding, no wonder they stay away.

Talking to her about changing what she’s thinking about is like talking to a wall.  I have constantly been trying to tell her to change the “channel” of what she’s thinking.  I have explained to her that if all she thinks about is what she doesn’t want, that’s what’s she going to get.  I’m always telling her “what you think about is what you bring about and that she is the creator of her life.”

Sometimes when she’s having a bad day I can get 6 – 8 calls a day complaining about if some ailment is due to her anxiety, which 90% of her problems are, I always tell her they are.

Week 18 – Let Go

The Impact that Scroll V has had on me is quite amazing. It has proved to me that not hanging on to things that have happened is always how In have lived my life. as Og says ” I will waste not a moment mourning yesterdays misfortunes … for why should I throw good after bad”.  I also don’t worry about things that could happen.  It used to make my wife mad, that I didn’t show any concern to what was happening with my granddaughter in London, while I’m in Cape Town, South Africa.  I used to say to her, show me how to fix the problem and I’ll do something about it.

“Should I concern myself over events that I may never witness?  Should I torment myself with problems that may never come to pass.  No.  Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday, and I will think of it no more.”

In week 18 Haanel talks about the Law of Attraction and how it affects everything in our lives.  Everything is energy and vibration and unless we are able to raise the level of vibration to attract abundance in our lives, where abundance isn’t only money, but abundance in health, love and friends.

We have been programmed from a young age with a negative outlook.  We always have been told that things are tough, we can’t have that item because there’s no money. The favorite one, money doesn’t grow on trees.

With these negative influences it’s easy to see why people don’t believe the Law of Attraction is working.  In fact it’s working perfectly, bringing them exactly what they are concentrating on.  If you ask someone what they want, they’ll give you a list of 10 things that they don’t want.  No wonder, they’re attracting all the negative things in their lives.  When I ask them what they want, not what they DON’T want, most people don’t know what they want.

Its only when you start reprogramming your belief system (Blueprint) that things start to change and you are able to see that when you start giving more, in service to others that you start to receive more than you gave.

Week 17 (a) My Hero’s Journey

My Hero’s Journey started in Oct 2015 when I was accepted into the MKMMA.  Its really the first time I have persevered at a project for over four months.  As it says in Og, “I persist until I succeed.

I feel that I have a better understanding of who I am and through the excercises that I do daily find that I have created new habits.  I have found that over that last month I have stopped the midday read of the Greatest Salesman, but have started again this week.  The only time I’ve skipped a reading last thing at night was this past Monday morning at 2.30 am.  I was just too tired.

Most of the progressions I do on a daily basis, as they are part of my routine.  I feel guilty if I don’t read the Master Keys and sit for 20 minutes every day.

Rereading the earlier lessons made me realise how much I have progressed.  It’s only now that I’m beginning to “see” images with visualisation, and then it’s sporadic.  I’ve never been able to “see” pictures in my mind.  I found this out about ten years ago when I attended a lecture of a motivational speaker who was a friend of my son.  Using the seven methods of learning has been amazing, as it covered my inability with visualisation.  I mainly absorb things through reading, audio and videos.

I believe that we are the creator of our lives and can’t blame anyone but ourselves if we aren’t where we want to be.  If you don’t like your life, change it.  Its not easy, but its possible.  I have decided to change my blueprint (belief system) which has been running my life for over 70 years.  It takes time and effort to create the future you, and its happening.  You have to give yourself permission to do it, in the same way you give yourslf permission to be happy, healthy and wealthy.


Week 17 The “Graven Images”

In Ancient times men used to worship “Graven Images” of their Gods, and the more intelligent of these people, these images were what they wanted to achieve.

The Indians had a God of a great chieftain, The Pagans had the God of Fire, the God of Water, the God of Wind and the God of Air.  The Israelites had the God of Moses.

Today in theory, we worship the God of Love, but in fact we actually worship the “graven Images’ of Wealth, Power, Fashion, Custom and Conventuality.  We “fall down” and worship them. We concentrate on them and they externalize in our lives.

I have met  people to whom having riches or money is the most important thing in their lives.  They were willing to do “anything” as long as they were able to accumulate riches.  It didn’t matter to them who they hurt along the way.

In one instance I knew a person who threatened to disinherit her son if wanted to marry his girlfriend at the time.  This person used to call my wife names because she had a different opinion with regard to riches.  Today she is a rich person, and never really attained any peace of mind, as she believes that the “pie” is just so big, and doesn’t realise that the universe provides in abundance, if you believe it does.

Most people belive that what you see is what you get, meaning that what we get is through the five senses, not realising that the subby, that mysterious source that never sleeps, is connected to Infinite Intelligence, and is able to bring about whatever we put our minds to.

Everything is energy and vibration,and if we are able to lift our vibrations of what we desire, the Universe will manifest whatever we concentrate on.  The problem that today we suffer from instant gratification.  Our requests to the Universe don’t arrive quick enough.

If I plant a seed today, I know that I won’t have a flower tomorrow.  The same applies with what I ask of the Universe.  The Law of Attraction works every time, but to its own timetable.  If the desire I requested from the Universe doesn’t appear after about ten days, we say that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.  The “seed” that I planted was just about to break through the ground when I decided to “give up”, and of course it doesn’t manifest.

If you decide you want abundance in your life, you have to concentrate on having that abundance and think of nothing else.  There is no time limit as to when the Universe will bring about your abundance.  The vibrations you “put out” become a magnet and attract your desires. in the form of knowledge for you to earn your abundance.

The Law of Compensation says that you cannot keep what you don’t earn. You only get what you give.  That’s why the people who win the lotto are broke again after a couple of years.

Week 16 – Wealth

Wealth is created through labour or work.

Wealth is mor than having money and riches.  The bigger meaning of wealth is well-being which includes health, finances, family and happiness.

Having money or riches is a means to an end. It is an effect not a cause.  Wealth’s value is in that it must have exchange value.  This exchange value allows one to acquire nice things of real value, like harmony and happiness.

The mistake most people make is that they try to use wealth as a way of getting what they want, instead of using it as a means to an end.

Success is more tha accumulating money. One must have an idea for creating wealth which they must pursue.  With an idea in mind the ways and means will be provided for its creation.  One must have a definite goal in  mind, and not use the process as a means of creating riches.

One has to be able to “see” the end product in one’s mind, and use visualisation to create the finer details of the product in the mind, before manifestation can take place.

Thought precedes any ideas which determines the action to be taken.  One has to think of the idea which creates cause and effect.  Thought is the plastic material which we use to create the vision of what we want to conceive.  It is our ability to recognise it and the proper use of it that is necessary for its attainment.

The conditions of the world without correspond to the world within, which is brought about by the Law of Attraction.