Week 21- The Laws that Govern

There are Universal Laws that govern the natural world such as gravity and electricity.  There are Spiritual Laws that apply when we  pray.  Its only when we raise our consciousness that we become aware of these Universal and Spiritual Laws.

Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction, which is basically give more, get more, or to put it another way is cause and effect.

The biggest challenge is that what people see is the effect, what they don’t see is the cause, or the work that is put in, and try to duplicate it, which works for a short time and then fails, not knowing why.  The only way to grow or expand your consciousness is to become aware of your power within.  This power is thought which is connected to Universal Mind which has Infinite Intelligence.  The way to connect to Universal Mind is through Silence, or as it’s called in MKMMA, the Sit, or otherwise known as Meditation.

According to Haanel, most people don’t know how to pray.  For some reason they know there are laws that govern Maths, Science, Gravity and Electricity, but for some unknown reason they don’t believe that Spiritual Laws apply or exist.

If you’ve ever had a prayer answered, then under similar circumstances your prayers will always be answered.  The Laws of Spirit is are exact and scientific and will give you the same result every time, the same way the Universal Laws give the same result, under similar circumstances.

16 thoughts on “Week 21- The Laws that Govern

  1. masterkeymartin

    Alan, I agree with Anne, your post has added so much to this week’s lesson. I have enjoyed this weeks Haanel, and now thanks to you, will be able to read it with more understanding. Be Blessed Alan.


  2. Milton, A

    The first thing that came to my mind when I read your post was I really wanted to know what your thoughts are and how you apply the laws to your life. I am interested in you!


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