Week 22 – Planting the Seed

When we plant a spiritual seed in the subconscious mind, which tends to sprout and grow, but we are seldom satisfied with the outcome.

We are programmed from a very early age to always look at things from a negative perspective, so we tend to end up with fear, nervousness and anxiety instead of joy, happiness and health.

The body has two basic functions, which are the constructive and destructive activities.  The constructive function is the creation of cells, for which we need food and water. The destructive function is the removal of waste material.

Unfortunately we don’t always remove all the waste material, fear, nervousness, worry,  anxiety etc. which automatically intoxicates the whole body.

Our minds control all the functions of the body, so that when we have a good laugh our muscles tend to shake, which means tha mind controls the muscles.  When we are very sad and cry we have tears, which means the mind controls the glands.  When we are angry and go red in the face or are embarrassed and blush, means that the mind controls the blood circulation.  These functions are controlled by the Objective or Conscious Mind and are only tempory.

The subconscious mind is far more powerful in that it does things that we aren’t even aware of.  One of its most powerful functions is that of healing. It sends cells to heal a wound and is able to mend broken bones.  I think the Subconscious Mind is one of the greatest assets a person can have, because of what it is able to do, being connected to Infinite Intelligence.

Our challenge is to increase the vital energy needed to heal disease throughout our bodies.  This can only be done by eliminating fear, nervousness, worry and anxiety, which in turn detoxifies the body. The taking of supplements and vitamins won’t help with this as it is “controlled” by the world “within”. 


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